Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Unorthodox Method

My name is Zach Coulter. I have come to a point in my training where I just don't care to specialize anymore. I've done powerlifting, I've done Strongman, I've done Grip Training, I've done Bodybuilding, I've dabbled in numerous other persuits, read up on them all and you know what? Being the indecisive person that I am, I chose them all. I love doing all of these things. I love Grip, I love lifting heavy weight, I want to look good, I want to be functionally strong, I want to be flexible and I want to do things no one else can(or probably doesn't want to try). From this point forward, this blog will be a record of my progress. I can't really pick a name for what my aim is beyond calling the desired result the "Unorthodox Strongman".

Down to the nitty-gritty numbers...
19yrs old

Accomplishments so far...
Pullup with BW+75lbs with middle fingers only
158lb 2HP
440lb deadlift
250lb bench
200lb axle C&J
Tuck Planche(I'm working on it)
275lb Squat(I'm starting up again)
205lb Split Jerk
Shouldered a 170lb Atlas Stone
Closed several #3 grippers
Bent a Big Bastard from the mutant batch
10 pistols each leg
BW Snatch(when my BW was 175)
Slim Levered an 8lb hammer on a flat floor
Front levered an 8lb hammer to above waist height
43" Standing high jump

And more.

Current goals
500lb Deadlift at 185lbs or less
250lb C&J
BW+100lbs middle finger pullup
BW+50lbs 3x3 Sternum Pullups
Pistol+100lbs both legs
50" Standing high jump
Do the splits, side split and front split
Bend a Shiny Bastard
One arm push press/jerk 130lbs
300lb DO deadlift on my 2.5" axle
10% or less BF%
Close my #3 and do it consistently
Lift The Blob
Lever a 16lb hammer consistently
Sturdy Handstand
Tear a full deck of casino cards with jokers
Place better than 11th in any competition with more than 20 participants

I have more of these as well.

Some training ideas...
I really think that to be a better athlete and lifter, you have to have a diverse base. You can't JUST be a powerlifter or bodybuilder or grip guy or strongman, etc. You have to have knowledge of them all because they are all intertwined. When you refuse one discipline for another, you render yourself incapable of gaining the benefits of that discipline's principles. I cannot stand people who take someone else's writing as their bible. Listen, that author may know what he is talking about, but he does not know you or what your specifics are. Go out and read more if you must but don't over analyze. Just train. Try ALL the exercises you come accross. Find what works for yourself and do it. Don't go asking internet experts what you should do.

After all,
There are no secrets. Just people who train hard and train smart.


Current goals

  • Squat 185x100@185
  • Deadlift 500@190
  • Squat 405@190
  • Snatch 50kg KB
  • Bend 5/16x8" FNL Grade 8 Bolt
  • Overhead 2 100lb DB's
  • Bench 300@185